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Find Your Purpose

Who are you?

A simple, yet very powerful question and not so easy to answer.


90% of the world’s population don’t know who they are, which is a staggering percentage, bearing in mind there are more than 8 Billion people on the planet.


So, if you don’t know who you are, how are others supposed to know?


When I think of this question, it always reminds me of “The Who”. An English rock band formed in London in 1964, with their legendary song: “Who Are You”, released on 18 August 1978.


This, actually goes to show my age and for me, it wasn’t until a life-changing situation that made me search for the answers to this question. Reaching 50 years old, I was lost, disillusioned and stressed. Although, always feeling there was a purpose in my life, yet I had no idea who I was and how to obtain what I was so desperately looking for.


1 in 10 people have dreams of grandeur, of a better and more rewarding life. Although, typically centred around money and materialistic things.


Because this is what we are taught from an early age to chase after or obtain.


Although, having these dreams is considered normal and accepted, there is a fine line between chasing these shiny objects, or seeing them as a token reward for the success you achieve.


Having dreams and being a dreamer are closely coupled together, yet the latter is more focused and recognised a ‘practical’ dreamer. Someone that has a purpose with their dreams and wants to make a difference, not only in their life, but for those around them and that they serve.

Practical Dreamers

1 in 1m dreamers that are considered “practical dreamers”, typically one in a million (as the expression goes), possess an open mind, are innovators, pioneers and above all, have a very strong desire to be successful at whatever cost. Their wiliness can also be seen as an obsession in pursuit of their dreams, as they will not stop at any challenge or hurdle that gets in their way. They are extremely resilient! There are many examples of these people, although here are just a few that are more recognised and widely known:


Albert Einstein

Steven Hawkins

The Wright Brothers

Henry Ford

Thomas Edison

Abraham Lincoln

Nelson Mandela

Steve Jobs

Bill Gates


What common asset did they all possess?

Resilience and the burning desire to achieve their dreams!

“If you don’t believe in yourself,
then how do you expect others to?”

– James Moffat










A set of doors showing a perspective

Knowing 10%

of the population will find their meaning in life, will fulfill their dreams and desire and will stand out from the crowd. It’s, therefore, a great pity, that more focus wasn’t put on this in your younger adolescent years. As so many more internal doors would have opened to help you learn more about the assets, that make you, you! After all, you are born with these, they are part of your chemistry and built into your DNA.

Basically, there is no right or wrong time to discover “who you really are”, it is your time that matters. Whether you are actively searching, or have a passive desire, you need to find a guide to help you discover or rediscover who you really are and take the first steps on your new journey.

Therefore, what price would you pay to invest in yourself and your future, embracing a life-changing program, that you will learn more about yourself that you thought possible?

I dare you to change and join me in a program most suited for you and your situation.

Free Consultation
  • The First Step towards discovering “Who You Are”
  • 30-40 minutes
  • 1-1 Call, via Zoom
  • Understand your current situation
  • See which program suits best for you
  • Starts with an Exploratory Call
  • Very Empowering & Personal
  • 1-1 Calls, via Zoom or Skype
  • 3-6 week period,
    1-2 hours per session
  • Immerse yourself into “Finding your Purpose”
  • Unlock inner doors to discover “Who you really are”
  • Go at your pace and discover your inner self
  • Starts with an Exploratory Call
  • Price per Person
  • On-site or Remote Training, depending on location
  • The initial first steps via Zoom or in person
  • Immerse yourself into “Finding your Purpose”
  • Unlock inner doors to discover “Who you really are”
  • Ideal for groups up to 10 people
  • Starts with an Exploratory Call
  • Price per Person
  • Between close friends and/or family members
  • Ideal to share the cost
  • 2nd person only pays 50% of the full price
  • Like the group program
  • Up to step 5 together
  • Last session 1-1

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If YOU have the “Spirit of Adventure” and would like to know “Who You Really Are”, then

book the most suited program for you today!

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